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    Mettle SE

    A Multi-Functional Integrated Network Services Engine ™

    Threat management is one of the key considerations in any enterprise network infrastructure design. However, once desired security levels are achieved, there comes the problem of managing your network for best utilization of resources.   Read More

    Selling Bandwidth Made Easy

    MettleWire is a full-featured bandwidth provisioning and mediation system with an integrated billing solution for Internet Service Providers and Multi Service Operators (ISPs/MSOs).
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    Mettle H-TUF

    High performance transparent URL filtering

    Network operators and service providers need to perform URL filtering to meet regulatory compliance and for monetizing VAS opportunities. Mettle H-TUF is designed to perform DPI-based real-time near-wire speed URL filtering.
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    Mettle OX3

    Introducing Mettle OX3

    World's first appliance designed for network operators to fight outbound spam. Controlling outbound spam is now a solved problem.
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    High performance email infrastructure back-end.

    Email will continue to be a major medium for communication. But maintaining email infrastructure has become a greater challenge over the years due to multi-faceted threat scenarios..   Read More
    End-of-Life Products Mettle Networks announces End-of-Life (EOL) for the following products.
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