Key Features

  • Supports Silent stream-close or issues Access Denied Page
  • Inline filtering
  • Inline full duplex operation
  • Lowest latency filtering
  • Bypass-on-failure for high availability operation
  • Inline and redirected deployment mode

Mettle H-TUF

Network operators and service providers need to perform URL filtering to meet regulatory compliance and for monetizing VAS opportunities. Mettle H-TUF is designed to perform DPI-based real-time near-wire speed URL filtering by transparently intercepting HTTP request originated from the access network.

High Performance and High Efficiency

H-TUF provides industry-leading low latency URL filtering at a very low wattage per request. Mettle H-TUF comes in rack-mountable carrier-grade models that support throughput from 1 giga bit per second to 40 giga bit per second.

Flexibility and Ease of Integration

Mettle H-TUF provides API for integration with third-party URL category database providers for flexibility and to leverage existing business relationships. At the same time, H-TUF offers better user experience with record-setting low latency at reduced energy costs.

Reliability of Operation

Mettle H-TUF provides deterministic performance with guaranteed filtering even when running at 100% of rated speeds. Choose a model of Mettle H-TUF based on the throughput that needs to be handled and let Mettle H-TUF watch over the URLs uninterruptedly.

High Availability

High availability engineering of Mettle H-TUF appliance makes sure that in an unlikely event of hardware failure or a firmware malfunction, service would go on uninterrupted. Mettle H-TUF also supports zero-failure stacking for mission-critical high availability.

Mettle H-TUF is part of MettleWire system suite for providing next generation broadband services.


  • Ease of installation and operation.
  • Lowest estimated wattage per HTTP request.
  • DPI-based design with transparent operation.
  • Near-wire speed performance for better user experience.