MettleWire is a full-featured bandwidth provisioning and mediation system with an integrated billing solution for Internet Service Providers and Multi Service Operators (ISPs/MSOs). MettleWire is designed to suit the requirements of medium to large service providers.

MettleWire, across its multiple deployments, using diverse access network technologies, are helping network operators to provide Internet bandwidth based on market requirements.

MettleWire provides byte-level accuracy on bandwidth metering with a flexible billing module that is capable of handling complex billing scenarios required by ISPs/MSOs these days. With real-time monitoring and traffic mediation, MettleWire helps network operators to provision and manage bandwidth and enhance subscriber experience.

MettleWire is designed to scale as customer base grows and its centralized architecture makes billing easy and efficient for operators with a large geographic footprint.

ISP/MSO is market-driven. Customers demand packages to suite their usage patterns. ISP/MSO needs to design new schemes to cater to customer demand and respond to competition. MettleWire comes with an easy-to-use tool to build the "Internet packages" and enrich the catalog. Its full-fledged billing module with facility for rule-based billing and payment provides service providers granularity and flexibility required for service differentiation and revenue growth.

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Admired Features of MettleWire

  • Increase ARPU through service tiering, quota management and various subscriber services
  • Implement strategies for service differentiation and revenue growth
  • Improve operational efficiency, reduce service creation and deployment costs
  • Control costs by managing bandwidth congestion and enforcing fair-usage
  • Enhance end-user experience and subscriber satisfaction
  • Real-time reporting and troubleshooting