MXBridge™ Components

MXBridge ESS

MXBridge ESS is a stand-alone email security scanning system to protect end users and email system from receiving virus, spam and phishing emails. MXBridge ESS can be used with legacy/existing email infrastructure built using any standard-based system as well as with the MXBridge EXB.

MXBridge ESS is a multi-layered filtering system that scans SMTP transactions for potential threats and policy violations. It analyzes SMTP connection parameters, email headers and scans the mail body and payloads to ensure that no virus, spam and phishing email will pass through it.

Optional user-managed quarantine system with a web-based self-service tool enables end users to manage spam quarantine system by themselves reducing the support load on support team.

Key Features

  • Stand-alone email security solution.
  • Filters out spam, virus, malware and spam emails.
  • Track record of 99.17% spam and phishing filter effectiveness.
  • Track record of near-100% virus filter effectiveness.
  • Email Quarantine system.
  • Web-based administration tool.
  • SNMP-based real-time monitoring.

Value Proposition

  • Works with existing/legacy email servers.
  • Minimal change in the email infrastructure.
  • Web-based administration tool reduces learning overhead.
  • Seamless integration with existing directory services.
  • Optional 24x7 product support.
  • Optional operations support by certified team.

Admired Features

  • Stand-alone Email security system
  • Effectively filters spam, phishing and virus
  • Optional user-managed quarantine
  • optional Private Cloud installation
  • Handles service provider-scale traffic