MXBridge™ Components

MXBridge EXB

MXBridge EXB email system backend provides feature-complete email infrastructure implementation for enterprises and email service providers with support for large deployments. MXBridge EXB component provides core functions of an email system including inbound SMTP service and IMAP and POP3 services with redundancy. One of the major strength of Mettle EXB is that it enables hassle-free real-time synchronization of email data across locations providing true redundancy.

MXBridge EXB implements features that enable enterprises to transparently implement organizational policies and customizations with fully-functional web-based administration tools. It is easy to integrate with LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory servers.

Key Features

  • Complete range of email services with fully-compliant mail protocols.
  • Integrated Webmail.
  • Supports Android/iPhone and other mobile devices.
  • Push Mail support.
  • High Availability cluster support for scaling and performance.
  • Real-time email data synchronization for High Availability.
  • Customizable for branding.
  • SSL Support.

Value Proposition

  • Fully-featured email system that is resilient to failures.
  • Web-based administration tool reduces learning overhead.
  • Seamless integration with existing directory services.
  • Integrated support for Email clients, mobile and Webmail.
  • Optional 24x7 product support.
  • Optional operations support.

Admired Features

  • Complete range of email services
  • Fully-compliant mail protocols
  • Support for Android/iPhone and other mobile devices.
  • High Availability cluster support
  • Real-time synchronization data across multiple sites