MXBridge™ Components


For large enterprises and email service providers, volume of outbound email is higher what a normal email server can handle. MXBridge HPDS is a full-blown, standards-compliant SMTP server that solves the problem of handling high rate of email delivery to external domains without performance loss. Besides performance MXBridge HPDS also features a policy enforcement system that helps to set policies for outbound email delivery. This ensures that fair usage policies are observed and thus managing servers' reputation.

MXBridge HPDS provides SNMP service for real-time monitoring of the outbound mail delivery infrastructure. HPDS is designed to participate in high availability clustering and self-managed HA functions.

Key Features

  • Standards-compliant full-scale SMTP server.
  • High performance email delivery.
  • User Authentication with LDAP.
  • High Availability clustering support.
  • Policy enforcement mechanisms.
  • SNMP-based real-time monitoring.
  • Web-based administration tool.

Value Proposition

  • Ensures deliverability of emails in high volume deployments
  • Helps to build and maintain IP address reputation.
  • Web-based administration tool reduces learning overhead.
  • Seamless integration with existing directory services.
  • Optional 24x7 product support.
  • Optional operations support by certified team.

Admired Features

  • Standards-compliant SMTP server
  • High performance email delivery
  • High Availability clustering support
  • SNMP-based real-time monitoring
  • Web-based administration tool
  • Policy enforcement mechanisms