Key Features

  • High performance reputation engine
  • 1.8 million messages per hour
  • Transparent operation
  • SMTP AUTH and SSL Transparency
  • Fail-close port bypass for business continuity

Mettle OX3

Outbound spam mail ranks number one in sullying network operators reputation. Controlling this unwanted traffic is not easy, as it is created by virus/trojan infected computers in the network. Blocking outbound SMTP traffic is not an option either for large operators.

Introducing Mettle OX3. World's first appliance designed for network operators to fight outbound spam. Controlling outbound spam is now a solved problem.

Mettle OX3 appliance is designed based on patent pending MxBridge architecture for high transaction requirements.


  • Stop Spam Leaving the Network

    Protect the network and its users by controlling spam from being sent out of the network.
  • Build and Maintain Reputation

    Spam mails originated from a network spoils its reputation and IP address block will be eventually listed in RBL databases. Mettle OX3 helps to build reputation by controlling outbound spam.
  • Conserve Peering Bandwidth

    Each spam run consumes valuable peering bandwidth. By controlling spam, Mettle OX3 conserves valuable peering bandwidth and makes it available for legitimate use.
  • Reduce Help Desk Complaints

    Help desk will spend more time helping customers rather than answering abuse report emails.