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Mettle SE

A Multi-Functional Integrated Network Services Engine.

Threat management is one of the key considerations in any enterprise network infrastructure design. However, once desired security levels are achieved, there comes the problem of managing your network for best utilization of resources, implementing priorities and policies, building high availability links, virtual LAN management, providing essential network services and generating critical reports that helps you fine-tune the network optimization parameters. Network/IT infrastructure plays a major role in today's business, irrespective of the domain or Industry vertical. Dependency on information technology calls for a reliable and well-designed infrastructure that can be managed, secure and reliable. The product DNA of METTLE SE™ is architected keeping these considerations in mind, as a multi-faced, multi-functional, Integrated Network Services Engine™.

METTLE SE™ has proved its reliability, adaptability, and scalability through multiple deployments in the verticals like Education, Government, ISP/MSO’s, Enterprises and Financial Services. Each deployment can be unique and customized to the specific needs for easy integration with existing systems or to any heterogeneous network. METTLE SE™ is designed from a network administrator’s perspective and is still evolving to solve new challenges faced by its users.

Each function in METTLE SE™ is full-fledged and are capable of playing respective roles in full-scale. This is proven as each installation of Mettle SE is unique—it runs a unique combination of functions in almost every installation. This also means that METTLE SE™ can adapt to your changing requirements.

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Admired Features of Mettle SE

  • Routing
  • Firewall
  • Gateway Anti-virus
  • VPN
  • DMZ
  • Web Usage Report
  • Internet Link Failover
  • Web Content Scanning and Policy Enforcement