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Mettle SE BX500

Mettle SE BX500 provides an optimal package of network services required by Remote office/Branch office/Small office/Home office segment in a tabletop form factor. BX500 is designed for stand-alone operation as well as for headoffice branch connectivity.

It comes with 4 Fast Ethernet ports that support multiple WAN/Internet connections with connection load balancing and automatic Failover.

BX500 has built-in encryption hardware that supports up to 300mbps of encrypted traffic for SSL and IPSec VPNs and SSL/HTTP (with HLD module). It also features full router and firewall services.

  • BX500 is an ideal solution for branch VPN, outbound connection load balancing and Web usage control.
  • Functions as a router and firewall.
  • Excellent inbound connection load balancing solution (with optional Mettle Link module).
  • HTTP Load balancer and SSL/encryption offload engine (with optional HLD module).

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Admired features of Mettle SE

  • Routing
  • Firewall
  • Gateway Anti-virus
  • VPN
  • DMZ
  • Web Usage Report
  • Internet Link Failover
  • Web Content Scanning and Policy Enforcement