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Enterprises and organizations prefer in-house hosting of business applications for technical and policy reasons. While hosting business-critical applications in-house, availability requirements of those hosted services must be met. Besides setting up multiple/redundant servers in high availability configurations, it is also important to ensure the connectivity from the Internet through multiple WAN/ISP links.

MettleLink provides an easy and efficient method to build high availability inbound load balancing and automatic failover solution in such multihomed scenario.

MettleLink is an installable module of Mettle SE Integrated Network Services Engine. MettleLink helps to build high availability connection-based inbound load balancing and failover solution using regular WAN/ISP links.

[Fig. Overview of MettleLink Inbound Load balancing Module]

MettleLink module adds connection-based inbound load balancing and failover functionality to Mettle SE.

If any of the WAN/ISP link goes down, MettleLink removes that link from the load balancing pool and thereby avoiding a "host unreachable" situation.

This ensures that the client, against all DNS queries, always receives an IP address of a link which is currently functioning satisfactorily.

MettleLink link configuration matrix supports the following link parameters:

  1. Availability
  2. Quality
  3. Weightage

MettleLink provides an inexpensive but efficient multi-homing for business-critical applications hosted in-house.

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Admired features of Mettle SE

  • Routing
  • Firewall
  • Gateway Anti-virus
  • VPN
  • DMZ
  • Web Usage Report
  • Internet Link Failover
  • Web Content Scanning and Policy Enforcement