One of the main factors which differentiates a campus network from other types of network is that resources are heavily shared in a campus network. This makes it important to control and enforce network usage policies, centrally. In certain situations it is even required to retain Web usage logs and reports for regulatory compliance.

Terminating multiple Internet connections and distribute the usage across them form a vital infrastructural requirement. Along with this, it requires a gateway anti-virus that filters the virus infected files from being downloaded into the campus network.

Monitoring quality of Internet links is another major challenge to meet to cope with the heavy usage of such large networks.

Many journal subscriptions are access-restricted. This is often enforced by limiting the access only from designed campus networks as identified by their IP addresses. This makes it difficult for students and faculty to access those journals from outside the campus such as from home.

Mettle SE has a fine-grained user authentication and authorization mechanism that enables user specific policy enforcement in a shared resource environment. Multi-WAN outbound link load balancing and automatic link failover enables campuses to run quality network infrastructure with minimal human intervention.

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