Enterprise Security

Enterprise security is one of the complex areas and often debated between CIO's and IT managers. This is because it requires a multi-pronged approach to protect a multitude of resources.

Layer 3 Firewall

At a basic level, Network security starts with a stateful layer 3 firewall and needs to handle optimum number of concurrent sessions without introducing significant latency in the traffic.


Observing the traffic patterns and inspecting payloads of packets is the next level in the defense system. This component popularly known as Intrusion Detection Systems or IDS is often complimented by a component (Intrusion Prevention System or IPS ) that takes firewalling decisions based on inferences drawn from the IDS alerts. The Intrusion Prevention System or IPS helps to protect the resources before an attack effects and network administrator acts out.

Gateway Anti-virus Filter

A gateway anti-virus filter services is required to block virus-infected files entering the network from the Internet. A good filter will perform this function without causing any delay in user experience.

Policy Enforcement

Enforcement of acceptable usage policy and usage monitoring are required to cope with the increasing internal threats. There must be a mechanism to enable network administrators to implement network usage policies.

VPN Connectivity

Secured and reliable connectivity is required between head office and branch offices and also for road warrior employees. There must be a robust VPN concentrator that can provide low latency, high throughput VPN connections. SSL VPN and IPSec are preferred technologies due to technological advantages.

Mettle SE Integrated Network Services Engine is designed to meet all the above enterprise requirements in a single shot from day one. More than that, the platform conforms to audit and security compliance requirements for large enterprises.

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