Outbound WAN Load Balancing and Failover

As the dependency on Internet increases, businesses cannot depend on a single Internet link. Rather it is preferred to connect to the Internet over multiple links from independent providers.

These connections are monitored for its availability and quality. If any of the links goes below the set parameters, that link will be taken out of the pool automatically.

While doing outbound connection load balancing, it can be done on a bandwidth-aware way. This means that links with various bandwidths can be fully utilized based on its capacity; no link will be under utilized or choked.

In certain situations, it may be required that a certain connection should always happen over a given link or set of links. This too can be configured based on connection parameters.

All models of Mettle SE come with Outbound load balancing as a standard feature. Corresponding to the number of physical Ethernet ports available, Mettle SE can support multiple WAN links. VLAN (IEEE 802.1Q) support in Mettle SE is often helpful in connecting more WAN links than that is supported by physical Ethernet ports.

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