RMA/ARMA Procedure

Mettle brand of products are meant to function in mission-critical deployment. Any unexpected disruption in service will be handled with utmost importance. RMA/ARMA procedure of Mettle Networks has been designed, keeping this fact in mind.

In the event of a hardware component failure in your Mettle product please contact Mettle Networks immediately through one of the mechanisms provided to you. If any hardware component or the appliance needs to be repaired or replaced as determined by Mettle Networks, you need to obtain an RMA (Return Material Authorization) code and send the item for repair mentioning the RMA code.

With the Advance RMA (ARMA) option, Mettle Networks will ship you a replacement component as soon as the defect is confirmed.

Defective item will be repaired/replaced free of cost if the product is under warranty or carries a valid Maintenance Contract.

How to Obtain RMA Code

Follow the steps below to obtain RMA Code.

Send an email to the Mettle Networks Support department using a method given to you, detailing the problem that you are having and including as much information as possible.

Details we need to generate RMA code:

  • Customer ID or Invoice Number & Date
  • Customer Name and “Ship to” Address
  • Contact Phone Number & Email Address
  • Device Model & Serial Number
  • Description of the Fault
  • Fault Detected at (Date & Time)
  • Name of Defective part(s)

Within one working day after your request has been received, Mettle Networks RMA department will contact you. Support Department will give you a RMA number and instructions to ship the product (or component) back to a collection point of Mettle Networks for replacement or repair.