Mettle 2vBNG

Purpose: Designed for stand-alone installations at remote POPs and small capacity installations up to 100 gbps per server installation. Full-scale BNG functions complete with a variety of access protocols, QoS and routing functions in one server. Easy to install and maintain. Runs on Intel Xeon COTS hardware.
Deployment scenarios: Replaces legacy BNG appliances at a lower CAPEX/OPEX. Suitable for quick capacity expansions with COTS hardware, coexisting with legacy BNG appliances. Supports Phase 1 of Mettle Virtualization Road Map.
Road Map: Mettle 2vBNG can be upgraded to Mettle 2vBNG-CL known as Mettle 2vBNG Cluster. Protects COTS hardware investment by re-purposing in subsequent phases in Mettle virtualisation road map.

Mettle 2vBNG Cluster

(Mettle 2vBNG-CL)

Purpose: Build scalable high capacity virtual BNG infrastructure with Mettle 2vBNG Cluster (Mettle 2vBNG-CL). Virtually no capacity limit as it can grow up to terabyte range--thanks to SDN traffic steering. High capacity alternative for conventional BNG appliances at a lower CAPEX/OPEX. Dataplane runs on COTS hardware for true virtualization.
Deployment scenarios: Enables Phase 2 deployment of Mettle Virtualization Road Map. Disaggregate VNFs across COTS compute nodes. Leverages SDN/Overlay Networking for cost effective capacity building. Enables asymmetric capacity building for VNFs without deploying full-scale MANO.
Road Map:Grows into full-scale Mettle cloud-native BNG. Re-purposes COTS hardware for investment protection. Ready for move on to Phase 3 of Mettle Virtualization Road Map.

Mettle Cloud-Native BNG

(Mettle 2vBNG-CN-A2)

Purpose: A virtual BNG that is fully cloud-native running on COTS hardware. Virtual Network Functions (VNF) are written to be cloud native from the ground up. MANO-managed VNFs for full-scale cloud deployment and with auto scale-in and scale-out with self-healing resilience.
Deployment scenarios: BNG infrastructure for mid to large capacity. Virtual BNG for cloud-native operator infrastructure. Takes advantage of MANO based deployments.
Road Map: Completes Mettle virtualization road map at phase 3. Protects COTS hardware investments by repurposing form Phase 2 and Phase 3. Functions as part of cloud-native/fully virtualized operator infrastructure with true function portability across compute nodes in the infrastructure. Designed to be part of ONF's SEBA architecture.