Three-Phase Transformation Road Map to Virtualization

Adopting Mettle Virtualization Road Map enables incremental transformation with clearly defined phases to a fully virtualized, cloud-native infrastructure at the end of phase three. Starting with Mettle 2vBNG, the process inspires knowledge transformation as well through the phases.

Phase One: Leveraging Legacy Expertise

Mettle 2vBNG turns COTS hardware into fully functional virtual Broadband Network Gateway. Concealed behind its appliance like UI are functions packed to take on the virtualization path.

Phase Two: Moving to VNFs and Overlay Networking

This phase will see BNG appliance splitting into virtualized network function (VNFs) running on hardware clusters and overlay networking managing traffic.

Phase Three: Virtualized: MANO Orchestrated Cloud

VNFs will be managed by MANO. Compliant to cloud-native specifications for a fully virtualized infrastructure.

Let the virtualization transformation take a seamless course,
with Mettle Broadband Virtualization road map

Starting with Mettle 2vBNG—a microservices based, virtualized BNG solution
that replaces purpose-built appliance at reduced opex/capex, and migrate to
a fully virtualized, cloud-native architecture in three phases while
protecting hardware investments--thanks to its DevOps model.

Mettle 2vBNG

As close to a purpose-built appliance. With all the flexibility of COTS hardware. Mettle 2vBNG helps to kick start virtualization in broadband infrastructure. It co-exists with legacy appliances. All, without loosing any packet throughput performance while sticking to virtualization best practices.

Mettle 2vBNG Cluster

Move the microservices/VNFs around, across as many COTS hardware as required. Either to consolidate network services for efficient scaling or for building redundancy. Or for both. All while protecting hardware investment and enjoying COTS' economies of scale. Thanks to Network Function Chain.

Mettle Cloud-Native BNG

If magic is in the MANO, Mettle Cloud-Native BNG is designed to dance with it. An architecture built from the ground up for meeting all the criteria to be a cloud-native system. It automatically scales-in and scales-out on demand. Features self-healing resiliency. Designed to be part of ONF's SEBA architecture.

NFV and Network Latency

FAQ #1: Will virtualizing network functions inject latency in to packet traffic?.

Short answer: Yes

Long Answer: Any active path will inject latency into the packet stream. COTS Dataplane and NFV are no exception. But a better perspective of evaluating latency is measuring user experience in streaming media and video/voice call use cases.

Mettle Dataplane Performance

Mettle has one of the fastest Intel based dataplanes and especially in BNG use case, taking advantage of vectorized instruction set in Intel CPU.

5G Setting NFV Performance Standards

5G is designed as a collection of Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs) from the ground up, taking advantages of its flexibility and economies of scale.

Strategic Partnerships

Collaboration enables faster, better solutions for the telecom market as it undergoes fast transformation. Mettle Networks is always looking for working together with leaders respective areas. Please write to us at
Current Partnerships and Associations
  • Intel Network Builders
  • Supermicro
  • P4 Language Consortium

Mettle in the News

Latest news, press releases and publications.

Mettle Achieves Key Telecom Certification

Mettle Networks is proud to announce its recent Telecom Certification from Dell Technologies for its Mettle vBNG 6.0. This distinguished recognition underscores Mettle Networks' commitment to delivering cutting-edge virtualized solutions to the telecommunications industry while validating the seamless compatibility of its solutions with Dell's telecom hardware platforms.

A Global Telecom Operator Qualifies Mettle vBNG for their Broadband Network

One of the multi-national tier-1 telecom operators qualifies Mettle's virtual Broadband Network Gateway (vBNG) for deployment in their broadband networks across geography. This deployment will replace legacy hardware-based BNG systems. This change will bring more service flexibility and provide low latency bandwidth experience to the wireline broadband subscribers.
Download "Microservices Boost Performance of vBroadband Network Gateways" at:

Mettle Networks enters the global list of Intel Winners Circle 2021 in the Gold tier

Mettle Networks made to the global list of Intel Winners Circle in the Gold tier this time. Winners Circle awards are given to the Intel Network builders member companies that make significant contribution to the networking industry. Mettle has been continuously recognized for its innovations in broadband service delivery products.
Download "Microservices Boost Performance of vBroadband Network Gateways" at:

Intel Jointly Publishes White Paper with Mettle

This paper explains how Intel Xeon processors based Mettle NFV BNG helps to avoid whitebox switches for dataplane applications in BNG scenarios.
Download "Microservices Boost Performance of vBroadband Network Gateways" at:

Mettle Network's High Packet Throughput NFV Broadband Network Gateway on Display at Big Communications Event, Austin, TX

While NFV is expected to solve capacity and flexibility demands of FTTH and 5G networks, packet throughput performance still remains a problem with NFV based alternatives. Mettle Networks' NFV Broadband Network Gateway addresses this problem for the BNG service chain.
Read full:

Mettle Networks Joins NFV Revolution and Signs up for Intel Network Builders Ecosystem Partnership Program

Telecos are looking toward NFV based solutions to build capacity to match the predicted data consumption demands at a lower capex/opex. Mettle Networks' NFV products on Intel platform and COTS hardware will enable telecos to adopt the transformation faster. Read full: